Hey Stepmama are you ready for more peace of mind?

Stepmom Synergy is a Live weekly group coaching experience, just for stepmoms. Join forces with a Stepfamily coach along with other stepmoms to learn skills and conquer the stress related to stepparenting.

Improve your Identity as a Woman & Stepmother so you show up at your authentic self within your new family.

Set boundaries & Improve your communication skills; to express yourself in way you'll be proud of as a partner and parent.

Develop realistic expectations of your Stepfamily; so you can learn to pick your battles, experience less frustration and more peace of mind.

The Stepmom Synergy Course will teach you:

  • Effective Communication Skills.
  • Strategies to manage Stepparent Stress
  • Live weekly group coaching video calls.
  • A 45 minute individual jumpstart Bonus Call
  • Worksheets & Actionable Steps
  • PLUS A Community of Women just like you to lean on for support during and after the course.

If you've been hiding in your bedroom, feeling like an outsider and questioning your choice to join a blended family; This course is for you. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own home.

Meet your Instructor...

Hi I'm Shelly Ware a Stepfamily Coach in California with a private practice that specilizes in Women's Wellness and Relational & Parental Challenges. I've been featured in Stepmom Magazine as well as Therapy for Black Girls Podcast. I can't wait to support you on your Stepmothering Journey. Join the Beta Group Waitlist Today!

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